Which Is Better – Chlorella And Spirulina Powder Or Pills

Chlorella and spirulina are health supplements that protect you from viral infections and diseases like cancer by improving the body immunity. They treat diseases like diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure etc. The high nutrient content gives you more energy, lowers your cholesterol, helps in weight loss and cures stress related diseases like depression. Chlorella and Spirulina have the capacity to calm the nerves. They are the best option to maintain a healthy body as well as healthy mind. Chlorella and spirulina are available in many forms like flakes, powder, tablets. pills, drinks and chewable tablets. All of them are good for your health, but there are some differences in their features which makes one better than the other in different circumstances.

Chlorella powder and spirulina powder are easily digestible. They are absorbed by the body immediately, whereas the human body takes more time to absorb the nutrients present in spirulina pills and chlorella pills. Spirulina and chlorella powder can be added in your daily diet. You can add them to the dishes you cook. You can add the powders to the juices, smoothies, salads, soups and desserts. You can just sprinkle the powder in the dishes you prepare. The whole family including the kids are benefited when you use spirulina and chlorella powder to your recipes.

A tablespoon of spirulina and chlorella powder a day

It is enough if you take a tablespoon of spirulina and chlorella powder a day. If you opt for chlorella and spirulina pills, you have to have five or six in the initial stages. Then the dosage is increased up to twenty tablets a day. You can dissolve spirulina or chlorella powder in a glass of cold or warm water or a glass of juice. When you drink this you get a full feeling and your hunger is reduced immediately. Tablets have no immediate effect on appetite.

Spirulina and chlorella available in tablet form may contain binders. Binders affect the digestion and it is not good for health. Make sure that the tablets have no binders in them. The tablets without binders are more expensive than the tablets with binders. Manufacturing of pills involves more cost and time which makes the pills costlier than the powder.

Some people detest the smell and taste of chlorella and spirulina powder. They prefer to swallow pills. Pills are easy to carry everywhere you go. They are not messy. Some love the taste. Some people take chewable tablets because nutrients are absorbed by the body quicker than swallowing tablets.

The pros and cons of powders and pills are clear. You should decide which is better for you. It varies from individual to individual. If you don’t mind the taste of spirulina and chlorella powder, then powder form is best for you. If you want your hunger to be suppressed and if you want immediate effect of them in your body, powder is better than pills. If you are not obese and if you don’t want to lose weight you don’t need to suppress your appetite. In that case you can take pills.If you can’t tolerate the taste of the powders, you should take pills. If you travel often pills are better option for you. Your budget also plays an important role in deciding which is better.

Whatever be the form you take chlorella or spirulina they are excellent nutritional supplements to keep you energetic, slim and healthy.


  1. I use the Spirulina powder. But it does taste horrid. So what I’ve done, and HIGHLY recommend, is pick up a cap-m-quick kit with some vegan capsules. Its easy to use you can fill up a ton of these capsules and take them with meals, so you get all the benefits of using the powder over the capsules but non of the nasty taste. Highly recommend this been doing it for the past year.

  2. Hello, I am using “green powders” (wheat grass and barley green) since I had radiation and chemo , 6 months ago. I used spiriluna in the past with grapefruit juice, (the taste is tolerable but not enjoyable by any stretch of the imagination).

    I am thin and do not want to lose weight but prefer the powder for quick assimilation. Any thoughts on that without having to put the powder in caspsules?

    Happy Thanksgiving ! Donna

    • Use a Nutri Bullet. Blend all ingredients with lemon juice. You need to pH balance your body to kill the cancer. Alkalize, please. 80% alkaline 20% acid, everyday. No dairy. Switch to rye bread. Namaste <3

  3. My husband has stage 3 throat cancer,is it possible that chlorella can help him?

  4. I have been necking SP and Ch powder for a long time now in green juices and smoothies. I am going to try encapsulating it to see wot appens

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