Chlorella Spirulina Powder: The Best Form of Super Foods

Perfect Chlorella Spirulina PowderChlorella is green colored single-celled algae that contain huge amounts of nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, and minerals beneficial for the human body. Spirulina is blue-green algae having the same nutrients differing slightly in the percentage. Both the algae belong to a species that are edible. Due to the health benefits it renders to the human body, people consume it in different parts of the world. Chlorella and Spirulina in two forms, either powder or pills, are basically available in the market. Both, Chlorella and Spirulina powder as well as pills provides the benefits, however experts recommend consuming powder instead of pills.

Reasons to Choose Chlorella and Spirulina Powder

Powder is preferred because it mixes easily with liquids as well as semi-liquid dishes. Chlorella and Spirulina when consumed in powder form can be added to the daily diet by mixing it with smoothies or other dishes. The taste of the super food is disguised with the taste of the dish you have mixed it in. Apart from that, powder is easily digestible and it starts working in the quickest time possible. Hence, Chlorella and Spirulina powder is recommended if you want something nutritionally dense that can be digested easily.

Difference in Performance of Powder and Pills

Although both the forms of Chlorella and Spirulina are made to provide the same health benefits, powder supersedes pills in various ways. First of all, Powder is easier to consume because it can be mixed with smoothies or dishes whereas pills have to be consumed directly. Secondly, the taste of Chlorella and Spirulina can be mitigated by consuming it in powder form, which is not possible while consuming pills. Lastly, pills might contain binders, which are not good for health and digestion whereas Chlorella and Spirulina powder does not. Therefore, there are various differences in the performance of powder and pills although both are made up of similar ingredients.

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