Fluctuations in Chlorella and Spirulina Price

Chlorella and Spirulina are two super foods that have been widely accepted by individuals because of health benefits. Having high percentages of nutrients essential for body, these edible algae have the potential to improve energy, digestion, blood pressure, and heart problems. Seeing the high demand of Chlorella and Spirulina, companies have come up with different forms and qualities of products with a variety of prices.

Differences in Price

Price of Chlorella and Spirulina vary depending upon various factors. First of all, these super foods are available in many forms. Powder and tablets being the most popular ones. A person needs to take higher quantities of tablets than powder because tablets take longer to provide positive results. Apart from that, fluctuation of Chlorella and Spirulina price is caused by differences in the quality of the product. The quality of powder or tablet varies from company-to-company as the production procedure and ingredients might differ. For example, a company that does not break the cell wall of chlorella will offer its product at cheaper price than the companies that take proper measures to break the “shell”. Physicians recommend products that contain Chlorella whose cell wall has been broken because it is easier to digest. So price varies depending upon the quality and forms of the super foods.

Selecting the Best Product

Individual preferences of consumers might differ in selecting the form of edible algae. Some individuals prefer powder because it is easily digestible whereas others choose tablets because they like the convenience. Similarly, people having a good digestive system might not hesitate in choosing the cheaper product, i.e. the one in which cell wall of chlorella is left unbroken. Also, budget plays a vital role in selection of super foods because the Chlorella Spirulina price of some products might not meet the budget of some consumers.

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