Green Medicines Chlorella And Spirulina Treats Viral Hepatitis C

The green colored algae of single cell known as Chlorella and blue-green colored Cyan bacteria called Spirulina are high in nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Widely known for their health benefits, these edible species of algae are considered as super foods for us because they render high percentages of nutrients with positive impact on consumers. For years, it has been recommended by doctors for treatment of heart problems, digestion, diabetes, and other conditions. Recently, it has been found that Chlorella and Spirulina treat viral hepatitis C. Viral Hepatitis C is a deadly disease all over the world, but especially in poor countries. Medicinal treatment has been both ineffective and contra-indicated in many cases, and it has also been very expensive.

Area Of Treatment

Being high in nutrition, Chlorella and Spirulina not only provides essential nutrients to the body but also improves the functioning of our digestive system. As these are green medicines produced naturally, poor countries that have been affected by Hepatitis C Virus can adopt it as a technique of improving the conditions of patients. Chlorella and Spirulina treat Viral Hepatitis C by improving the immune system of the patients and providing essential energy and nutrients at the same time. With about 5% of the world’s population being affected by Hepatitis, these green medicines can be used effectively to reduce the presence of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV).

Recent Treatments

In a recent treatment, Chlorella was used to improve the health conditions of 18 adults who were suffering from Viral Hepatitis C. A specific dose of Chlorella was given for twelve weeks continuously and it was observed that the condition improved as the presence of HCV reduced gradually. Apart from these 12 adults, a total of 26 patients were given conventional treatment and positive results were found. The conclusion is by health experts is that Chlorella and Spirulina is definitely beneficial in treating Viral Hepatitis C.

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Taking chlorella and spirulina together helps to flush the body of toxins and waste. Chlorella is used to increase “the good bacteria” in your intestine to improve digestion and helps treat hypertension. Spirulina helps the body build up muscles and strengthens the immune system. There are many benefits in taking either chlorella or spirulina. Many of the nutrients are the same but taking both will assimilate and benefit the body in different ways.

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