Interesting Facts On Chlorella Plant

When it comes to listing all the plant species in the world, there are millions of them, and many subcategories and related species as well. And these are just the ones we can see. There also are millions of species of plants, which we cannot see with our naked eyes, only with a microscope. And algae are one of the most prevalent of the microscopic plants; there are approximately 25,000 types of algae, out of which only a handful are useful for human consumption. Chlorella is one of the edible kinds of algae that can be consumed by humans. It has become popular all over the world because of its nutrition as well as de-toxification properties, but people still are unaware of many facts about the chlorella plant.

Chlorella Plant In Details

The Chlorella plant is actually algae made up of just one green colored cell. Its name has been derived from two Greek words “Chloros” and “ella” which means green and small respectively. It cannot be found in filthy water sources as it grows only in fresh water bodies that have high concentrations of nitrates and phosphates. This type of algae is present in the world for millions of years but it was in the late 1800s when humans discovered that it could be eaten. Throughout the years the incredible benefits of consuming chlorella have become clear. The one celled wonder plant contains in abundance, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and protein.

Multiplication Of Chlorella Plant

Chlorella plants require fresh water to grow; it sustains and reproduces itself by the process of photosynthesis. Like all other plants, this single celled green colored algae needs carbon dioxide, minerals, water and the presence of sunlight to reproduce. Nowadays, reproduction and multiplication of chlorella plants are commercially farmed due to increasing demand worldwide.

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