The Difference between Spirulina and Chlorella

Spirulina and Chlorella have many similarities as both are algae and both provide numerous health benefits. Both of the algae are considered as super foods because they render both quality and quantity of proteins, minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients to our body. When it comes to the difference between Spirulina and Chlorella, a fine line can be made between the two super foods.

Physical Appearance and Presence

Spirulina and chlorella can be distinguished on the basis of physical appearance. Spirulina is blue – green algae whereas chlorella is a green colored algae. The presence of nucleus is not found in Spirulina whereas a true nucleus is present in the chlorella plant. Spirulina is a spiral shaped plant made up of multiple cells, whereas chlorella is spherical in shape and is made up of only one cell. Due to the difference in the number of cells, chlorella is smaller in size than Spirulina. In fact, the blue-green algae can sometimes be 100 times larger than the solid green colored algae. Chlorella has been growing on Earth for more than a million years. On the other hand, Spirulina dates back to only the 9th century.

Miscellaneous Differences

Chlorella is regarded as superior to Spirulina when it comes to the presence of chlorophyll. On the contrary, Spirulina has more beta-carotene content so it is ranked higher than its alternative. And too the green algae is harder to digest by humans compared to the blue-green algae. Lastly, chlorella grows in fresh water containing high percentages of minerals whereas Spirulina grows in fresh water with high alkaline content. Although there are large differences between Spirulina and Chlorella, experts report that consumption of both at the same time is not hazardous. Assuming there are no digestive difficulties. Similarly, substitution of one for another does not make much difference because both the algae share the basic properties and nutrients.

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