Perfect Aquatic Greens

Perfect Aquatic Greens are the perfect combination of 100% pure, Organic and Fair-Trade Certified Spirulina and Chlorella, two highly nutritious microscopic, freshwater, algae. Both of these super-food plants have been widely used to supplement diets for centuries. To make the nutrients in Chlorella more digestable, Perfect Aquatic Greens contains “Broken Cell Wall” Chlorella. Let’s take a look at each algae individually.
Spirulina gets its name from the Latin word “spirula” which means “small spiral shell”. It is a cyano-bacterium (another word for blue-algae). Spirulina grows in warm water and doesn’t have roots, leaves or stems. It adapts to heat which ensures that Spirulina retains its nutrients and has a long shelf live.
Chlorella’s name comes from the Greek word “chloros” meaning green and the Latin word “ella” meaning small. It was named Chlorella because of the large amount of Chlorophyll it contains. A single-celled green algae that grows naturally in fresh water, Chlorella is a very popular food supplement throughout Asia.
Spirulina and Chlorella are complete food sources which science suggests could be used as the foundation to achieve food security, and greatly improve the world’s health conditions.

Grown in the Exceptionally Clean and
Natural Environment of the Hainan Island

Designated as a “Special Economic Zone” promoting sustainable agriculture and environmental protection
All industries on Hainan Island are required to be pollution-free with no damage to the environment (NO pesticides, herbicides, or toxic chemicals)

Grown in water from natural springs fed by a tropical rainforest
Rated second in the world for air quality by World Environmental Organization

“Fair for Life” Fair Trade Certification guarantees that human rights are maintained at every stage of production and that workers enjoy good and fair working conditions.

Perfect Aquatic Greens
A 50/50 Balance of Spirulina and Chlorella

Perfect Aquatic Greens contains a 50/50 mix of 100% pure, Organic and Fair-Trade Certified Spirulina and Chlorella, and nothing else; no fillers, flow agents, or artificial anything. Aquatic Greens are available in a 700mg capsule or scoopable powder.

Capsules – Each capsule contains 350mg each of Chlorella and Spirulina, so they are packed-full of minerals, vitamins and protein. It is recommended that you start with one capsule, and work your way up to 4 capsules per serving to get your body acclimated to taking this Perfect Supplement. Each capsule bottle of Aquatic Greens contains 120 capsules.

Powder – Aquatic Greens Powder comes in a 135 gram jar with a 3 gram scoop, the recommended amount to enjoy the full benefits of Spirulina and Chlorella. You may want to start off with ¼ – ½ scoop.

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